Alkaline Silicate Post Treament Sealant

Another effective method to improve corrosion resistance of a zinc deposit and passivate is to apply a Sealant or Lubricant, these are commonly known as top coats.

Sealants are applied to further improve corrosion resistance and lubricants with a wide range of friction coeffcients are applied to improve the torque characteristics of fasteners and joint requirements, many of these top coats are used to compliment the new genereation of CrIII (Trivalent) Passivates.

The sealant which A1 Plating use is an alkaline produced based on silicates for the post treatment zinc plated passivated components. The sealant enhances the corrosion protection up to a factor of two with no volatile organic or Hexavalent chrome components. Applied to the passivated components the sealant will alter the appearance of the passivates on both thick and thin layer clear trivalent passivate, the appearance will become a uniform transparent finish. Applied to the trivalent colour passivate the appearance becomes less iridescent with a transparent finish.