About Us

A1 Plating is a family run business, Mr Dennis Griffin the head of the family has been in the Electro plating Industry for over sixty years. Now semi-retired for the last sixteen years, he has handed over the day to day running of the company to his son, Andrew. Andrew has been in the Electro plating industry for nearly forty one years. With the two generations of metal finishing experience to draw upon the company is well placed to offer advice on the complicated issues that arise from time to time with metal finishing.

The Company moved to Redditch in the early seventies, Mr Dennis Griffin had the vision to see there was room for a small electro plating company within the expanding Industry of Redditch. The growth of the Company has never been a concern to the family; they are firmly committed to remain small to be of service to the smaller engineering and fabrication companies in Redditch and the surrounding area.

A1 Plating are not in the market place to compete against the larger finishing companies, the type of volumes the Company produce are generally an inconvenience to the larger metal finishing company. A1 Plating will not take on volumes which are above the capacity of the metal finishing plants and will recommend other metal finishing companies in the local area.

A1 Plating has built up a strong rapport and excellent dialogue with all its customers.
Having built the business and reputation around the quality products which are produced, they never disappoint the customer.

The family believes strongly in the personal touch, where the person you are talking to will be the person processing your components. There is no confusion, which allows for the components to be processed on time.