The Environment

This is an important issue for A1 Plating. The company takes the environment very seriously not just for now but for the future. The company fully understands the Industry it operates in is full of potential hazards and risks to the persons who work within the Industry and the potential harm the Industry can do to other persons and the environment. A1 Plating is fully aware of Environment Legislation and how it constantly evolves for the better good, A1 Plating has always complied with all Legislation, which is indicated by its exemplary track record.

Reducing A1 Plating carbon foot print: All companies have a responsibility towards the environment, The Carbon Trust, a government-backed organisation that promotes the efficient use of energy, estimates that many businesses could cut energy costs by up to 20 percent. A1 Plating is moving steadily forward towards achieving this goal.

Waste recycling management: A1 Plating has implemented a Waste recycling management program whereby materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and metals are recycled.

Reductions in chemical materials used: A1 Plating where possible has reduced the size of the finishing tanks to reduce the materials used on make up. Lengthen the drain time for less drag out which increases the longevity of the chemical dips so new dip make up are more infrequent, which has led to a reduction in other chemical usage for the waste water treatment plant.

Reductions in the volume of water used: A1 Plating holds consent for the Volume of water the company is allowed to use in a 24- hour period. With careful Control of the water supply the company has been able to reduce the consumption to less than half of the consent per 24-hour day.

Effluent treatment plant eliminates all possibility of contamination: When the new waste water treatment plant was being considered, there were a number of factors that needed to be taken into consideration. (1) The size (2) the volume of waste water used (3) the design (4) user friendly. With these four factors in mind the plans were drawn up and a unique wastewater treatment plant was born with no possibility of any unwanted substances ever contaminating the waterways.

New products for the environment: Where possible A1 Plating has implemented a new products Range to help to eliminate potential pollution of the environment, the company is actively encouraging its Customers to use these new products and is regularly up dated on the benefits of the new products range. The latest new product that the company is using is Cr3 Passivates and organic sealant.

Reduce electrical usage: By careful monitoring A1 plating has reduced the electrical consumption, the company’s goal is to sustain this reduction with integrated timing systems and with new more cost efficient plating plant in the future.