A1 Plating terms and conditions

Credit facility: A1 Plating will not offer the credit facility for Net Monthly Accounts under £500.00, unless otherwise agreed.

Credit application form: A credit application request form and a reference release form must be completed with positive references obtained before a credit facility can be implemented.

Net Monthly credit: The credit facility is Net Monthly. Payment must be received on or before the 7th day of the Month following Net Monthly Credit. Where a special credit facility arrangement for payment has been agreed a new Agreement will be drawn up by A1 Plating and the customer. The new document of payment will not absolve the customer from any other terms and conditions unless stated in the new document of payment.

Withhold delivery: A1 Plating reserves the rights to withhold delivery of processed components until any overdue accounts are settled. In the event of overdue accounts continuing A1 Plating will withdraw the credit account facility, hold any processed or unprocessed components in storage and request the outstanding balance to be paid in full. Once the outstanding balance has been cleared in A1 Plating Bank account the components will be released from storage.

Minimum order charge: The Companies minimum order charge is £39.00 plus the rateable value added tax.

Overtime charge: All components are processed as quickly as the volume of production will allow, where the components become so urgent as to interrupt the normal production an overtime charge will be levied, the overtime charge is £39.00 per hour plus the standard cost of the components. The components will not be processed until the overtime charge has been agreed and conformation in writing by fax or e-mail has been received.

Invoice queries: Invoice queries must be made aware to A1 Plating Accounts Department within seven days of receipt.

Confirmed order: A1 Plating shall not except any components for process without a confirmed order number. The order must clearly state exactly the process required, an order by fax or e-mail can be accepted for the process of the components; an order will not be accepted verbally. If the order is unclear the components will not be processed.

Quotation: Quotation is based on the following terms and conditions:


Containers: The stillage or pallet used for the transport of components must not exceed 1metric tonne, the containers are to be in good order as not to pose a health and safety issue.

Packaging: It is the responsibility of the customer for the supply of adequate packaging. A1 Plating will not allow components to leave on transport without the required protection. Where no packaging has been supplied, A1 Plating will supply the protection and a charge will be levied for the packaging.

Transport: The customer is responsible for the supply of transport. On collection if the weather is inclement i.e. raining, A1 Plating will not release the components if the transport has not the required protection for the components against the elements. This requirement is for the customer’s piece of mind for all components that leave the workshop are perfect.


Note: A1 Plating reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, a copy will be forwarded to the customer.