Traceability and Quality


On request An Internal route / Inspection card will accompany components through the required process, the Route card is part of procedures set in place for total Traceability. Quality control, production control, delivery note, and Invoicing are all linked to a unique numbering system for individual batch components. We have found in the past where the Internal route / Inspection card and Certificate of Conformity have been sent to the customer together that both can be lost. Therefore a copy of the Internal route / Inspection card will accompany the components with the delivery note in transit to your Quality control department. The Certificate of Conformity will accompany the invoice, information on both Internal route / Inspection card and Certificate of Conformity have similar information so Traceability cannot be lost.


A1 Plating takes great satisfaction in the fact that all the components the company process is exactly what the customer ordered first time every time. A1 Plating believe that Quality is achieved by a step by step evaluation of the components, first we need to understand the material we are working with, second the environment the material will operating in, thirdly whether the specification the customer has asked for will do the job. Circumstances may lead to a factory visit by A1 Plating to get a better overall picture of the product. In many cases over the years an in-depth knowledge of the metal finishing industry with the understanding of materials has lead A1 Plating though many doors on a consultant basis.

ISO 9001 PART 2

A1 Plating recognise Traceability and Quality has become an integral part of the
Plating process, to this end the company is seeking ISO 9001 Part 2 approval. The company’s acknowledgement of the ISO standard will reassure the customer database and future customers of the company’s intension to continue producing Zinc Plating and the varying post processes to the high standards our customers have become accustomed to.

Zinc Plating British Standard and Procedures

On request a Zinc Plating British Standard and Procedures document will be produced for the customer Quality control department. Electroplating is a craft and sadly the electro plater is a dying breed, the art of electroplating has been superseded by chemists and line operators. The understanding of chemical manipulation within a plating solution to achieve the impossible has all but long gone. Nowadays we hear the same story time and time again, “that’s the way it comes out, that’s the way it is”.
Whether the requirements for the national standard BS1706: 1990 or for fastenersBS7371: 1993 or BS EN ISO 4042:2000 or BS EN 12329:2000 or BS EN 6338:2000A1 Plating can accommodate all your needs, the procedures we have in place would not allow for bad workmanship.

REACH Statement

A1 Plating have no requirement to register any materials which are used within our production process, however A1 plating has an obligation to ensure our material suppliers have pre-registered. As of the end of November 2008, A1 Plating have obtained conformation from our material suppliers that all material supplied have been registered and a copy of these confirmation can be obtained on request.

We at A1 Plating would like to assure all our customers that we are operating within the REACH directives for the continued supply of the product.