British Standards for Zinc Plating and Passivate

BS EN 12329:2000
Superseded BS 1706 1990 Fe Zn

BS 7371 -12:2008 Fe Zn
Superseded BS 3382 part 2

BS EN 12329:2000 Fe Zn

BS EN 6338:2000 Fe Zn

British Standard: BS EN ISO 4042:2000 Fe Zn
Replaced BS 7313:1993

Further Specificatons

Def Standard 03-20
Def Standard 21-5

Passivate codes
1A = Clear Passivate
1B = Bleach
2C = Colour Passivate
2D = Drab Olive Passivate Note: unavailable in trivalent passivate


Note: After Fe Zn a Number is given known as thickness codes to represent the thickness of Zinc in microns i.e. Zn5 Zn8 Zn12 etc. Example of full coating classification: Zinc plate to BSEN12329:2000 Fe Zn8 1A which means; FE = Ferrous substrate, ZN = Zinc coating 8 μm min deposit and 1A = Clear passivate.


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