Hexavalent Clear Film Passivate

The corrosion resistance of the Hexavalent clear passivate is good but offers the least protection out of all the Hexavalent passivates, the appearance is bright iridescent blue in colour and used more commonly for a decorative appearance.

Hexavalent Colour Film Passivate

The corrosion resistance of the Hexavalent
colour passivate is excellent with a long lasting
multicolour iridescent appearance, this finish is
the middle ground for corrosion resistance.

ELV and RoHS Directives

Up to 2006 this main stream passivation, was commonly used throughout the zinc plating
industry, With the introduction of the ELV and RoHS directives passivates containing hexavalent chromium (Cr VI) can not be applied to components that used in the automotive and electrical/electronic industries, Zinc Plating companies are moving away from Hexavalent towards Trivalent as this is more environmentally and user friendly.


Hexavalent Drab Olive Passivate

The hexavalent drab olive passivate produces
the thickest chromate film of all the hexavalent
passivates. Thereby providing the maximum
corrosion protection of all the passivates.

It is olive green in colour and is frequently
used as an economical substitute for an organic under coat; saving materials and labour.